My name is Laura Séraphine and I am the founder of Petite Ganache - a unisex, inclusive, seasonless childrenswear brand with a strong focus on sustainability.

I have a 3 year old daughter called Lou Mavo, and prior to starting Petite Ganache, I was a pastry chef for 7 years in London - which inspired the name of my brand.

As Lou Mavo started growing up, I quickly realised what’s on offer in the childrenswear market was rarely my cup of tea - especially trousers. Unable to find what I was after, I decided to design it myself. Which meant I also had to learn how to cut and sew!

With our simple yet bold and powerful design, I am driven to create work that portray the Petite Ganache aesthetic. A lot of my influences and tastes come from my multicultural life between Paris, London and now Rotterdam with my family.

Lots of love.

Laura x